While it may not be the first piece of furniture you pick for your home, a beautiful coffee table can be a statement piece for your living room. Not only is it incredibly useful (that late-night ramen bowl has to go somewhere, right?), but a great coffee table can really tie a room together.
Each and every design is always different making these tables original and one of a kind! These designs cannot be recreated due to the method I use to create these tables.
Table tops are non-porous, water resistant, stain resistant and heat resistant up to 500 degrees! No need for a coaster and they are so easy to clean.
Inspiration behind the design
Growing up I spent a lot of time helping my grandfather collect and refinish antique furniture. Antique furniture is so nostalgic to me, it lasts generations if you love it right. As a young adult I found out the hard way that most furniture you buy (yes even in nice furniture stores) doesnt not last. Discovering that my expensive furniture was made from layers of thin strips of wood glued together with layers of chemicals was very disappointing. So I decided to do something about it. If you notice all my wood is the real deal no glues no chemicals. My legs are either 100% solid wood or steel. I only buy from US dealers who are artisans like myself.

About the Legs
Legs come from local US artisans who are trusted sellers
Everything is 100% raw materials from the US

About the Top
100% oak
no fillers all natural
Circular tops are cut by locally by another artist here in RI
the bottom of the table is preserved in stain and along with my trademark
Don't forget to pick out some legs

Unique Round 30 inch Resin Coffee Table