These are Trivet plates to protect your counters and tables from hot pans, tea kettles and jarred candles. These are new items. I design these myself with resin and paints. Resin is heat resistance from oven or stove. What this means is its perfacly safe to place your hot pan on or you may use it as a spoon rest or a giant coaster. I DO NOT reckomend placing this item in an open flame. It will break down just like anything would in an open flame. Do not place in oven either. Hand wash only. Available to Ship out in one day By the Bay and Happy Sunshine. The last two photos are custom that have been purchased. They are just an example. What's resin? Resin is a liquid medium I use when painting. It dries hard like glass or stone and has a glossy look. I add different paints into the resin and create these stunning abstract designs with a propane torch. Thanks for lookingA trivet an object placed between a serving dish or bowl, and a dining table, usually to protect the table from heat damage. You may also use a Trivet as a spoon rest when cooking, or as a large coaster, or maybe to sit your potted plants on ( to protect furniture from water damage.Beautiful handmade Resin Dirty Pour Over a 8 x 8 Tile. As Always this trivet comes in a beautiful gift box for giving or just to make you feel special. I don"t know about you but I get so excited when my items are shipped in a beautiful box!Gifts for cooks, Gifts for mom, Gifts for him, Trivet, Hot Plate, Spoon Rest, Gifts to Give, Custom Kitchen gifts, New Home Gifts, On SaleAny questions feel free to ask.Trivets for dining table, Large ceramic Trivet, Ceramic Trivets for Kitchen, Kitchen Gadgets under 10.00, Gifts Ready to Ship, Gifts on SaleTrivet, Hot Pad, Custom Trivet, Thanksgiving table decor, Christmas Table decor, Dirty Pour Art, Spoon Rest, Pot Holder, Large Coaster

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