Beautiful Organic Instalation 8 foot Wall Sculptures customized in your pick of color or colors.

This Sculpture Comes in 8 sections so you can arrange it however you want on your walls.

Very light weight you can hang them up with thumb tacks.




My signature circle wall sculptures are handmade and one of a kind! Made from books my children have scribble in or ripped. I have a very specific method that I use and different mediums that I used to bond these sculptures together. 
When they are finished they are as hard as a rock and very durable. 

All of my sculptures are made into sections so you can arrange them any way you like. They can wrap around corners or nestle inside corners as well. The panels nestle into each other like puzzle pieces. They are fun and easy to hang up and can be rearranged to fit your mood 
They are super light weight but also super durable due to the mediums I Use to bond the circles together. You can literally use thumb tacks to hang them! Thanks for looking!

Photos in the listing are from previous custom sculptures that have been purchased. 
Custom Sculptures come in aprox 12 inch panels, panels are aprox 3 inches across (the size of a ruler) 

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