Bring the majesty and beauty of the ocean right to the walls of your home with this beautiful orginal abstract mid-modern Contompery orginal resin painting. This orginal painting is fade-resistant for enduring brilliance.
 What is a Resin Painting?
Resin is a 2 part medium I use in my paintings and tables. Resin looks and feels just like glass the only diffrence is Resin will not shatter crack or break like glass. 

A little bit about the process
 When the mixture hardens (24 hrs) I then apply more resin and repeat this process untill I'm satisfied. When the painting is complete it has a beautiful layered 3 dimensional look. Its just like looking into water.  I use a propane flame to manipulate the resin creating a stunning 3 dimensional effects. 

The photos
The first photo is the whole painting
The rest of the photos are different sections of the painting that are particularly intresting. Photos are taken under different lights to highlight the 3 dimensional effect. 

Beautiful orginal resin painting, Mid-Modern Contompery Abstract Ocean Wave Painting. 
This painting is 14 x 22 inches
Shipping is free to the US
Comes with certificate of Authenticity
Shipping is fully insured
Signed and dated by me Hollie Morenzi

Mid-Modern Contompery Abstract Orginal Resin Painting, Painting of Ocean Wave