If I could be...
Resin abstract painting on canvas
Dimensions are 32x9

I'd like to be....
Is a multi layered resin painting on gallery wrapped canvas. I have used acrylics, pigments, inks and gold leaf. 
What is resin?
Resin is a medium that dries hard and looks like glass.
This painting is multi layered giving it a very dimensional look. 
This painting has a very layered look to it along with many different dimensions. One of kind and cannot be recreated due to the method I use to create. A propane 🔦 is used to move the mediums around. This process can take up to 2-3 weeks depending on the soze of the painting. 
Beautiful tones of berry red compliment the aqua giving this painting a very tranquil feel. When layering I take careful note to highlight intresting areas of the formations I have created giving it a very unique look. 
Shipping to the US
From Rhode Island
Dimensions are 9×32 inches
If you are from Rooms & Works over on Cromwell St in Providence. Leave me a note when purchasing and you can just take this beauty off the wall. All shipping charges will be refunded for Rooms & Works tenants. 

Custom paintings available upon request. Just inbox me.

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32 x 9 inch aqua, red and gold leaf abstract modern Contompery painting on canvas
Unique and Original Wall Art

If I could be