So your reading my about me which is just about the hardest thing for me to describe myself. My name is Hollie, the creator of Apocalytical Decor. I'm an artist by birth I was born in hell. Seriously hell someday I will write a book. Now I'm the mom of 3 amazing kids living a beautiful life I created! I'm a self taught artist. I  went to school for nursing and worked in the medical field for 18 years, but my vision and passion for art just took over after years of hiding my visions in a closet I emerged after two near death experiences and listening to my elderly patients about life regrets. If you are wondering I died twice in less than 12 hours. But don't feel bad I'm simply fantastic and missing an organ now. . 

The Shoreline Speaks to me in Colors, textures and depth 

I've always been inspired by the ocean and its reflected in my work. Rhode Island is my home and unlike many Rhode Islanders I actually love and appreciate being surrounded by 400 miles of ocean. When I'm lost I run to the shore and it is only there that I find myself again. 

The Design Part of Me

On to the art so I have always been a creator. As a child I would make the most interesting things out of driftwood and old horseshoes and I loved making a mess with paint. I've always been a sucker for interior design as well. My bedroom was always changing as a kid and when I started a family my home decor was as well. I would tell my mom I was going to make curtains and furniture for famous people. When I had mono in 7th grade I was sick for the whole year, we didn't have cable. So I watched Martha Stewart  for hours on PBS. I won't lie I still look up to her!

My Emotion ( negative or positive) = an amazing vision

I'm really emotional and that's ok, I handle my emotions in a healthy form. My emotion is in each and every work of art I create. There are some days when I'm not feeling the vibe and I won't work because I cannot see the vision. I've learned from experience that without my emotion behind a creation the vision will vanish. It doesn't have to be a negative emotion

And the passion for Beautiful wood and Unique Furniture

My passion for fine furniture started as a kid. My grandfather had a side hobby which was rescuing  homeless antiques from the curb. Watching him refinish a piece was beautiful! He also pushed me into my current lifestyle. Sadly he passed away before he could see the result.   I learned the ins and outs of quality designer furniture and what it takes to create something unique. Something that you want to hand down to your kids and grandchildren. That piece of furniture or home decor that is heirloom quality.

Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile... initially scared me to death


Like talking to crowds of people at gallery openings and even my clients!

I jumped into using power tools and taught myself how to use them!

Showing the world my designs and talents!

I love my Life

Despite a hard upbringing and hardships along the way. I honestly believe that positive energy will go a very long way. Each person has a story and we are all humans.


And that's it for about me hope it inspires you to be you and never give up on a dream or vision. I'm here to help you make that dream a reality at least through art and design.